Seminar by Javier Subils (Nordita)

Speaker: Javier Subils – Nordita
Place and time: Naustið (Endurmenntun building), March 2, 2023, 14.30
Title: A holographic view on monopoles, baryons and confinement
Abstract: Understanding the phase diagram of QCD at finite density and temperature remains one of the most prominent open problems in modern physics. In this talk, I will present a model in type IIA supergravity that describes holographically a QCD-like theory at strong coupling. The theory possesses a global U(1) symmetry under which magnetic monopoles are charged. I will show how the phase diagram at finite temperature and external magnetic field looks like. This turns out to be quite rich, both with first and second order confinement/deconfinement phase transitions and a critical point. Finally, I will explain how these results are leading us to find the first realization of finite baryon density in a top-down confining holographic model.