Research in experimental and theoretical physics is carried within the Physics and Mathematics Division of the Science Institute at the University of Iceland.

  • The main areas of research include:
  • Experimental physics with an emphasis on condensed matter physics and its application to modern technology and nanotechnology; theoretical research, modelling the properties of electron systems on the nanometer scale, and molecular physics
  • Astrophysics with a primary emphasis on:
    • transient phenomena such as supernovae and gamma ray bursts
    • observational properties of high-redshift galaxies
    • theoretical and numerical studies of cosmological structure formation (dark matter, galaxy formation and evolution; iv) high-energy astrophysics, particularly cosmic-ray propagation in the Milky Way and the resulting electromagnetic radiation
  • Theoretical high-energy physics with emphasis on holography, string theory, strongly coupled quantum field theories, (quantum) gravity and the black hole information paradox.